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NEW Boulevard Paving

The new Boulevard Range introduces an alternative style of large format paving -perfect for today’s contemporary architecture and landscape design.

Benefits of Pavers

Why choose paving in WA? There are many benefits to choosing paving for your home. Pavers are easy DIY, easily replaced and easy to maintain. Find out more

NEW Ashlar Paving

Change the way you think about paving with the Ashlar Range. This customised pattern, exclusive to Midland Brick, is formed using a variety of paver shapes and sizes.

Guildford Grammar Catalyst

We're all familiar with clay brick's impressive credentials. Now we can add progressive, flexible, modern and versatile to the list, thanks to, Guildford Grammar School's Catalyst building.

NEW Gallery - Masonry Blocks

This home by WA builder Switch Homes cleverly features Midland Brick Carbon Masonry Blocks in key areas which help to give each space both texture and definition.

Midland Sampler

Try it Now! Midland Sampler is an innovative new tool for homeowners and builders to choose styles, colours and compare home building products.

Paving in WA with Midland Brick

Midland Brick, paving the way in WA. See handy information if you are considering paving and why pavers are an ideal choice for our WA lifestyle.

NEW Promenade Granite 300x300mm

The contemporary look of Promenade Granite will be sure to impress with its quality, style and outstanding value. Available in 7 colours. Get a quote now!

NEW Silverbirch

Silverbirch, the latest addition to our popular Manor Range, fits perfectly into the Western Australian home with its grey hues and colour fired throughout.

Product Calculators

Need to know how much product you need for your project? Use our handy product calculators to easily find out how much you need.

Midland News

Sep 17 2014
Midland Brick release Online Shop
The new Midland Brick Online Shop allows you to conveniently buy all your favourite Midland products from the comfort of your home or office. Viewing Midland products has never been easier.
Sep 2014
Update: the Midland Brick Technical Manual
Download the latest Midland Brick Technical Manual with updates to reflect latest changes in the Australian Standards.
July 2014
Midland Brick release new Boulevard Paving
The new Boulevard Range introduces an alternative style of large format paving which is perfect for today’s contemporary architecture and landscape design
17 March 2014
Midland Brick launches new website
Oct 2013
Midland Brick release new Ashlar Paving
This new range will change the way you look at paving. Exclusive to Midland Brick, Ashlar paving with its random pattern is available in both Classic and Granite finish.