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The Benefits of Segmental Pavers

Posted on 25 Jul 2018

Are you unsure of the look you want for that special outdoor area in your home? Do you want your outdoor space to have a patterned paver, perhaps something different like a paved path or you've considered a poured concrete look? When it comes to segmental paving your choices are broad but can be made simpler with Midland Brick.

What are the benefits of segmental pavers?

Segmental pavers provide an endless opportunity for creation, whether it be in colours, sizes, textures or laying patterns. Segmental pavers also allow easier access to underground services such as sink wells or piping than poured concrete.

Is it absolutely necessary to hire a professional to lay your pavers, or can you DIY?

You can absolutely DIY, so long as you’re prepared for some hard work! Midland Brick has a DIY guide available to walk you through the process.

Story and footage courtesy of Channel 7 and Home in WA.

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