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How to Choose Face Bricks

What Style Are You?

Before selecting bricks it’s worthwhile gathering ideas on the style of house you’d like to build, as the design can greatly influence the type of bricks you use.

Here are four different styles to get you started.

Midland Brick Restoration Red Coach brick with black steel windows


Inspired by the return of post modernism with its clean lines and openness, this look can be perfectly complemented with bricks from our Contempo Madrid and Estilo ranges.




The key to this style is a sleek edgy design, matched with the unexpected use of raw materials. Consider internal walls of exposed brick to add a bold twist, like our popular Restoration Red.

Midland Brick Heritage Red brick smooth red face brick with white framed windows


Inspired by styles past but never out of fashion, this look is warm and inviting. For anything from Colonial to Federation, you’ll find plenty of choice in our Manor Range and Classic Range.


Now you’ve chosen the look you want, what’s next?

How much influence you have on the choice of brick for your project may depend on whether you’re building it yourself, have an architect involved or are using a builder.

As a rough guide though, here are some things to consider.


The location of your home may help determine the type of bricks and mortar joints you need. All Midland Brick face bricks are suitable for construction along the coast.

Where homes are subject to severe coastal conditions, including homes subject to air borne salt spray, on land with high saline soil or near air pollution (such as an industrial site) please consult a Midland Brick Sales Advisor for more information.

Colour & Texture

The look and feel of bricks you choose will help create your style of home. Midland Brick colours range from light neutral tones to deep dark shades. 


Did you know bricks come in different sizes? A combination of brick sizes can be used for the entire house. Consider patterns, window sills, feature walls, formal areas and architectural details.

For more information on brick sizes, click here.


You may be surprised to know the colour and type of mortar joint (between the bricks) can have a striking impact on the overall look of your bricks. 

The mortar joint refers to how the band of mortar between the bricks is finished. To protect against salt erosion in coastal areas and where exposure grade units may be required, a sealed joint (ironed/ rolled or flush) is recommended.

For more information on mortar, click here.

Bond & Decorative Effects

A bond is the pattern in which bricks are laid. Whether you’re after a more traditional look, or want to create a stand out feature wall, bricks offer incredible versatility.

When choosing bricks, consider how creatively you’re planning to lay them.