70 Years Building Western Australia - Special Edition Feature

Midland Brick 70th Feature

Our story from the ground up!

Wherever you are in WA, chances are you were born, raised, lived, educated or worked in Midland - in buildings with Midland bricks that is.

Since 1946, Midland Brick has been making and supplying bricks and pavers for the many thousands of homes, schools, hospitals and commercial buildings that, at some stage, most of us would have come in contact with. We are immensely proud of our heritage and contribution to this wonderful State and never take for granted the trust that West Australia's builders have placed in us and our products.

70 years on from our modest beginnings we have grown into one of the largest brickworks, employing the skills and talent of hundreds of West Australians in making the best bricks in the world. And to ensure we maintain these high standards, we invest heavily in new plant and equipment, over $100m in the last decade.

To celebrate our 70th year, we have produced this commemorative magazine that will take you through our journey over that time.

I hope it will entertain and remind many of us how the West has grown.

- Greg Smith, General Manager

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 Midland Brick 70 years History  Midland Brick 70 years History