Perfect Pallets

Re-purpose brick pallets into chic industrial-style outdoor furniture that won't break the bank. For simple bench seating, try stacking a few pallets along an empty wall, give them a coat of paint and add colour and comfort by throwing on some gorgeous outdoor scatter cushions - which can be easily updated each season to keep up with colour trends. Another idea is to create a servery/bar by fixing two pallets together, turning them on their sides and topping with a few masonry blocks or large format pavers.

Tip: Pallets can also make easy vertical gardens. Use them as is for a rustic look or give them a fresh look with a coat of paint.

Where to find: Many Midland Brick products are delivered on pallets. You can use these or purchase them from Midland Brick. Alternatively you can pick them up from most hardware stores.

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Build a Pizza Oven

Summer is on its way and that means outdoor entertaining and what better way to impress your guests than with homemade pizzas straight out of your wood-fired pizza oven? By building it yourself, you get the final say on its design, with clay bricks or pavers in different widths, lengths, colours and textures able to achieve a one-off design to suit your style and budget.

Tip: Cream or lighter-coloured solid clay bricks or pavers are ideal for pizza ovens as they are fired in our kilns at very high temperatures. Also use a refractory mortar to combat the high temperatures.

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Think Sustainable

Jump on board the latest garden craze and go sustainable at home by growing your veggies or herbs in a custom-built planter box or vertical wall. Use bricks or masonry blocks to build a raised planter box; build a staggered half or full wall and plant inside the masonry holes or invest in an easy-to-install Gardenwall retaining wall system to mark off the desired area.

Tip: If using blocks as pots, make sure to line the blocks with plastic or seal the inside of it to prevent the blocks from absorbing water and staining.

Tip: Pallets can also make easy vertical gardens (see above).

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Down The Garden Path

Paths don't have to be boring - think outside the box, especially when it comes to the way the pavers are laid. Follow current flooring trends and lay in a herringbone/parquetry effect, go for a hit-and-miss pattern to keep it fun or install stepping stones for simplicity. Whichever way, a new path will add a new dimension of texture, colour and shape to your garden.

Tip: Get creative with Midland Brick's new Ashlar Range or try to include a Primolino border for a touch of class

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Get Cultured

Add interest and texture to plain walls by cladding sections with Cultured Stone. This material is a great way to add a feature, break up boring walls or hide any imperfections and can also be used to makeover tired letterboxes.

Tip: Try creating a backyard retreat with some stylish and comfortable seating to take some time out from the hustle and bustle of every day life.

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