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For 69 years Midland Brick has been helping Western Australians build their dream homes. In fact the majority of West Australian's, born after the 2nd World War, would have grown up in a house built with Midland bricks or pavers.

Today, Midland Brick is recognised internationally for the innovation it brings to the housing industry, together with exceptional quality and range - one of the largest in Australia. And it's not just bricks and pavers. Our products now extend to retaining walls, terracotta roof tiles and architectural style stone-wall cladding.

The latest news is the recently released Ashlar paving range. With its totally unique pattern options it will change the way you think about paving. Ashlar is formed by using a variety of paver shapes and sizes to create a truly individual look whilst enjoying all the benefits and flexibility of paving. So stand out in your street with this great new product.

Also recently released is our modern Promenade Granite. This is a paver for Perth's discerning buyer who wants the contemporary look of exposed aggregate plus the advantages of paving. With seven modern colours these 300x300mm versatile pavers will be sure to impress with their quality, style and outstanding value. Perfect for the WA lifestyle.

Why are pavers a good choice for outdoor areas in Western Australian Homes?
Well-planned paving impacts on both the look and the value of your home. With outdoor living and entertainment being such a major part of most West Australian's lifestyle it's important to consider the type of design and finishes for these outdoor areas. Colours, texture and quality of materials are so important as you plan. And pavers are probably the most cost effective and practical way to achieve the look you want.

If you're planning a patio to adjoin your main living area, choose a paver of a similar colour to the adjacent interior flooring, as co-ordination will make both spaces appear larger and provide a smooth, visual flow from inside to out.

Advice for people shopping for pavers
There are two main factors to consider when shopping for pavers: Use and looks.

You probably already have an idea of the look you want, but there are a few other considerations. It's important that you choose a paver that will give you many years of high performance and low maintenance. For example, a driveway needs at least a 60mm thick paver, whereas for a footpath or pedestrian areas only requires a 40mm thick paver - which will save you money. And then there's the difference between clay and cement, or masonry, pavers and question if that affect your choice?

It's at this stage you'll probably need some professional advice, and you'd be surprised how a little time invested, talking to with a Midland Brick Sales Advisor can save you money and challenges down the track.

Which Pavers are most popular?
Today's trend of large format pavers like our Stylestone 300 and 400, Promenade, Boulevard and Ashlar in classic and granite finish, will continue. There is also an emerging preference from landscapers in Perth seeking a more natural look, so clay pavers and others emulating natural stone patterns are coming into vogue.

In terms of colours, the lighter range of limestone and creams, which are so suited to our WA climate will always be popular and comfortable underfoot. Then there's charcoal and the darker colours, which are still firm favourites and designed to work with today's contemporary architecture. With our ever growing range and new innovative products, Midland Brick is the one stop shop for WA's biggest range of styles. colours and sizes - and all the advice you need to get the job done. We invite you to visit one of 6 conveniently located Midland Brick branches in Perth for more information and inspiration.

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