Introducing our brand new Subiaco Red face bricks

Subiaco red bricks Midland Brick

Smooth in texture, unique in colours and lustrous in looks

The new Subiaco Red has been designed to capture the character and heritage of its historical surrounds. Standard in proportion and mostly smooth in texture, the uniqueness is in its lustrous finish. When blended effectively, the finished wall can appear to be chameleon in character as the changing light emphasises its varied plum hues.

Technical information

Subiaco Red - standard bricks with clean cuts and smooth texture.
Subiaco Red Coach - rumbled bricks with rough edges to resemble aged bricks.
Size: 230x76x110mm
Bricks/sqm: 48.5
Bricks/pack: 264 Nominal weight per pack: 816kg

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 Subiaco red coach face bricks by Midland Brick Perth Subiaco Red standard face bricks by Midland Brick Perth