5 Benefits of Cultured Stone over Natural Stone

There is no question that stone is loved for its strength, durability and authenticity. It is recognised as a material that adds beauty and character to any space. But despite this, stone can be heavy, difficult to install, expensive and limited in terms of choice.

Midland Brick recognised the opportunity to overcome these issues and has introduced Cultured Stone® to Western Australia. Around for almost 50 years in the US market and manufactured in the US, Cultured Stone cladding has all the qualities of natural stone but with significant added benefits, highlighted below.

1. Lightweight and affordable
Making it a more accessible material for many.

2. Wide range to choose from
Create a truly personalised look.

3. Can be used both outdoors and indoors
From feature walls to fireplaces, water features to wine cellars.

4. Engineered to last
Maintaining beauty and strength for at least 50 years.

5. Does not require painting, coating or sealing after installation.

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Dressed Fieldstone Aspen Coutntry Ledgestone in Wolf Creek Country Ledgestone