Thinking About Building A Custom Home?

So you're thinking about building a custom home? No doubt there are many ideas running through your head; particularly, how you can achieve a balance of style and quality, while staying within your budget.

To get you on the right path, we sat down with Glenn Stannard, Managing Director of the Stannard Group - one of Perth's best custom home builders for over 50 years - to get his top 5 tips for your 2018 custom home building journey.

1. Personalised Design
Design your home to enhance your lifestyle, not limit it, and remember - good design doesn't just look good. It must combine functionality and aesthetics and most of all, feel like home.
2. Timeless Style
The emphasis should be on designing a home that is ageless, with a style that says 'quality'. Your home needs to keep its looks and hold its value for years to come, and a well-designed home should sit comfortably within its surrounds.
3. Quality Product and Construction
All homes are definitely not created equal - while budgets are an important consideration, don't just be swayed by the lowest price. Also, make sure you take the time to critically review the plans, check all details and ask any questions you need to.
4. Energy Efficiency
A 6-star energy efficiency rating is now the industry standard, so it shouldn't come at a higher price or as a premium add-on.
5. Contract Clarity
Make sure you understand your commitments, and those of your builder. No question is silly when it comes to your custom home!

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Stannards Ambersette Front Elevation Stannards Cape Mill Kitchen