Heathstone® Retaining Wall System

Midland Brick Heathstone Retaining Wall Perth

Midland Brick's tidy new DIY retaining wall - Heathstone®

Heathstone is ideal for low, vertical landscaping walls in garden and communal areas. It is often used to separate and highlight entertaining areas, BBQ areas, paths, garden beds, hedges, or to create and differentiate levels.

Heathstone is also suitable for constructing steps, planter boxes and for curved walls.

Heathstone® Construction

Download the Midland Brick Heathstone Brochure for a step-by-step guide on the following:

- Curved wall construction
- Corner construction
- Step construction
- Gravel-fill construction
- Design considerations
- Important information

Heathstone units are also available to purchase via our online store. For any queries, please consult with a Midland Brick Sales Advisor by calling 13 15 40 or visiting any one of our branches.

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