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Brick Cleaning Tips

Quick Tips

Here are some quick tips that your brick cleaner should follow.

  • The more care the bricklayer takes in keeping the walls clean while they are laying the bricks, the easier the final clean up will be. The brick layer should clean mortar residue and smears as the job proceeds
  • Traditionally bricks are cleaned with an acid solution. There are specific acid to water ratios the cleaner must follow to avoid stains appearing after the job is completed
  • Walls must be completely saturated with water before acid is applied and then thoroughly rinsed off before the acid is absorbed into the brickwork
  • Large hardened mortar particles need to be removed with a hand tool before any water or cleaning solution is applied
  • Hand cleaning of walls was widely used before the introduction of high pressure water jets and is still used now for smaller jobs or where such high pressure may cause other problems
  • Applying acid solutions under high pressure is not recommended. Acid should be applied using a masonry cleaning brush, soft broom or low pressure (max 40psi) spray
  • When washing the walls of the acid, a high pressure jet can be used but kept low at 1000-1200psi to prevent damage to both the masonry and mortar.