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Face Bricks

Face bricks are the bricks we see. Those used on the external walls of homes all around us. The ones that never need painting! The ones that look great all the time.

At Midland Brick, we make our face bricks from natural Western Australian clays to create that perfect life-long colour. We then apply unique surface treatments to achieve individual styles and blends. This care in manufacture guarantees quality and range that lets you create any look you want, from traditional to the most ultra-modern architectural styles.

Utility Bricks

Our utility bricks are used in a range of applications, predominantly in structural and internal walling - and external rendered walls. We also manufacture specialty ranges for fire rated and acoustic performance.    

All our utility bricks are regularly tested and evaluated in our NATA-accredited laboratory to ensure we continually meet the highest production standards - and to assist in the development of new products and materials.

Benefits of Brick


Making a decision about the material to use for your dream house may seem daunting, but when you choose bricks, you can be reassured that you are selecting a product that has stood the test of time (centuries even) and provides an abundance of benefits – both seen and unseen.

Clay bricks are affordable, readily available, mass-produced, thoroughly tested modular building components. Their relatively high mass results in desirable acoustic and thermal properties. They require little or no maintenance and possess high durability and loadbearing capacity.

All Midland Brick bricks are manufactured under close controls to the Australian Standard requirements of AS/NZS 4455:1997.

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Western Australia's #1 Building Material

Ever wondered why home builders prefer clay bricks over most other building materials?

They appreciate their value. And you will too - for their performance, toughness and the peace of mind.

Clay brick is acknowledged as one of the most reliable building materials, and for centuries has been used around the world to build houses, commercial structures and architectural masterpieces.

Clay brick never needs painting and hardly ever needs cleaning. It never rots, fades, peels or dents.  You can plant against it. The kids can play cricket against it. You can mow a lawn and rest a ladder against it without a worry. And clay bricks last for generations with little or no maintenance.

Midland Brick has introduced many new clay brick products over the past 70 years and was responsible for one of the most important advancements in WA housing - double clay brick construction. And in the years since proved how effective and sustainable this approach is to long-term, energy-efficient housing.

Midland Brick continues to lead the market in clay brick manufacture and choice. We’ve been making bricks for West Australian homes since 1946 and operate one of the largest single-site brickworks in the world, so we know more than most when it comes to great looking bricks.