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Home Exterior Design Guide

Finding your home exterior style

There’s more to building and renovating your home than just the structural components; the style you choose to design it in also plays a significant part in how your home feels, and looks.

When creating your home style, there are many aspects to take into consideration.

If you’re not sure about what your home style should be, you can find inspiration from the colour palettes you like, your favourite textures, or types of furniture.

Factors to consider in choosing your style

Climate and location 

Where you build can impact the design of your home. 

Location can impact due to some materials being better suited to different environments. For example, if you live by the ocean, the materials will need to cope with higher levels of salt and wind strength. 

Or, if you live in bushfire-prone areas, materials like brick are better suited than wooden structures.

All these aspects can change your design significantly, which is why you need to consider these when choosing the style of your home. 

Different builders and architects have their own styles

Who you get to build your home is going to impact your final design. Some builders or architects only have set styles they’ll build, so do your research to ensure the builder and your style preference align.

Customising a style to suit your own personal tastes

Choosing a design for your home is a personal thing; it should be to your taste and preference so it feels like it’s your own.

Knowing what style (or at least colours) you like is important as it can help define the look and feel of your home before it’s too late to change.

Colour palette 

Colour palette is an important consideration in the process of finding the right home style for you.

If you have a preferred colour palette, this is going to reduce the style options you choose from.


Texture is an important, yet often overlooked aspect of design. It has the power to completely change a space without giving it much thought.

Different materials have different textures or finishes. The most common textures are smooth, glossy, matte or rough.

Home exterior styles

Not sure what styles there are to choose from when designing your dream home? Find inspiration from these popular and classic types of home styling!


Fashion fades, but style is forever. This is the essence of the classic style, which is characterised by a level of subtle sophistication.

Natural resources and fibres like stone, brick and cotton dominate this particular look, as do simple colours. Understated shades like beige, grey and off-white are the key to longevity in design.

For pops of colour, look to yellows, pinks or browns in soft tones, rather than bold shades.

We recommend choosing traditional single course bricks to create a classic home design.

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The coastal look is relaxed and unassuming and, when done right, works just as well in a suburban city home as it does in a beach-front property.

Textures and patterns work well with this style, as they replicate natural surfaces and add strong visual intrigue. White and cream tones are a great base for beach vibes, creating a cool, calm backdrop.

If you want to introduce colour, consider introducing teal to make a subtle nod to the seaside.

We recommend our Manor range double height bricks as they are particularly well suited to designing a coastal-inspired home.

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This look is all about being at the forefront of style, without getting caught up in passing trends.

Think simplicity, understated sophistication, layered textures and clean bold lines. Less is always more. Shades of grey, brown and blue are the main colours for contemporary rooms, which mix perfectly with dark timbers to create a cool, yet inviting space.

We recommend choosing smooth bricks to create a contemporary look. Bricks within the Spanish range fit this style nicely.

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The homestead look is all about creating a sense of comfort and calm. Rustic is the key component of this style, with repurposed objects and natural materials featured throughout.

Rough, raw textures also help to give this style a unique sense of character. Warm muted colours like dark reds are popular, as are natural colour palettes, which are ideal for creating a cosy and warm environment.

We recommend choosing a red brick from the Classic range to complete your homestead look.

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Industrial Chic

This no-nonsense style is a much edgier take on urban, with elements of contemporary design. The key to this look is simplicity, with common features of this style including exposed bricks, stainless steel accents and sleek, metal finishes.

Let your colour palette be guided by the raw materials, and for a truly authentic industrial look, think shades of copper or dark charcoal.

We recommend choosing rustic bricks from the Revival range to complete your industrial look.

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Modern Australian

A modern Australian style is strongly defined by our way of life: laid-back, with a strong connection to the outdoors. It’s unpretentious, unpolished and values craftsmanship above all else.

What brings this look to life is the right balance between rustic, earthy materials and modern, elegant touches. Get inspired by the land we call home and opt for neutral shades of brown, grey and terracotta, while bring in pops of colour with bright shades of yellow.

Manor range (double height) bricks are also well suited to executing a modern Australian exterior home design.

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This style gives the impression of affluence, as if no expense was spared in the design of your home. Achieving an opulent look is all in the details; the finishes you choose have the power to transform spaces from bland, to beautifully elegant.

A combined colour palette of whites, off-whites, greys and blacks help to pull the look together. For accent colours, consider navy blues or warm reds, to bring this indulgent style to life.

You could choose a rich red brick from our Classic range or a contemporary black or white brick from the Spanish range to suit this style.

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Urban is the perfect fusion of industrial and minimalist design, used to create modern, city vibes in your home. This style isn’t afraid to experiment with unusual materials and textures, like exposed brick walls and gritty, textured flooring.

A colour palette that combines the right blend of neutral and dark grey shades pair perfectly with warm brick walls.

The Revival range works well to achieve an Urban look.

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