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Brickies Lite Coastal Cement

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With building within the coastal zones of WA becoming more and more popular, with the canal regions of Mandurah and the continuing redevelopment of the metropolitan coastal zone, as well as along the entire length of WA’s vast coastline, an awareness of the AS3700 Masonry Structures code and how to adhere to it is required.

Cockburn Cement has taken the lead by developing a pre-blended Cockburn Creme Cement and Hylime product called Brickies Lite Coastal M4 Cement to complement the already popular product Brickies Lite. Brickies Lite Coastal M4 Cement is designed to meet the requirements of the AS3700 “extreme marine environment” classification of masonry durability.

This environment is classified as requiring mortar type M4, which is a highly durable mortar that has the ability to withstand the test of the coastal elements when applied in the correct manner. All M4 mortars should have an ironed joint to ensure the AS3700 standard is met.

In 1998 the M4 mortar classification was amended in the AS3700. This change was made to better control the durability of masonry used within 1km of a breaking surf coastline and 100m of a non-surf coastline such as an estuary or a coastal river zone. It also provides protection for walls in contact with aggressive soils or those constructed below the damp proof course.

Brickies Lite Coastal M4 Cement addresses the problem of variation in site-batched mortars. By using Brickies Lite Coastal M4 Cement the possibility of colour variation is greatly reduced while ensuring that the durability of the mortar meets the criteria of the AS3700. Extensive testing has shown that site batched M4 mortars have had a great variation in their results, with instances of failure to reach some of the M4 criteria. Using Brickies Lite Coastal M4 Cement ensures that the required results are reached time after time.

If creme M4 mortar is required for your construction, Brickies Lite Coastal M4 Cement is the one to use. For a standard 3.5 cubic foot mixer, the 20kg bag means this product will provide the brickies with a 1 bag mix and the right colour, every time. All that is needed is the correct proportions of sand and water.

  • Dimensions:280 x 500 x 120mm
  • Standard Weight:17.85 kg

Technical Information

  • Use only recommended mortar and plastering sands free from clay and organic contamination.
  • Keep water content to the minimum required for mixing and placing. The more water, the lower the strength.
  • Use a standard sized vessel e.g., a bucket, to measure all materials.
  • Admixtures should only be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Quantities estimated are typical industry usage and will vary according to individual use patterns. 
Estimated Quantities based off 1000 Standard Bricks
(17.85kg bag)
Brickies Sand
(m3 estimate)

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