Platinum Highlight Matt Sealer

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Platinum Highlight Matt is a high solids, clear coating formulated to enhance and protect decorative and non-decorative concrete surfaces in order to help protect against dirt, mould, oil, petrol, tyre marks and other visible build up. Platinum Highlight Matt is a “matt finish” sealer suitable for application around salt and chlorinated pools. Platinum Highlight Matt is recommended for external uses only due to odour.

  • Dimensions:300 x 300 x 400mm
  • Standard Weight:20.40 kg


  • Great for hard stands, driveways or alfresco areas.
  • 2-coat sealer
  • Solvent-based, matt finish
  • High odour and hard wearing
  • Great for use on all Midland Brick products
  • Coverage per 20L drum is 40 - 50m2 over 2 coats

Technical Information

All surfaces need to be completely clean and free of all debris and foreign matter prior to sealing. Pressure cleaning is advisable as the first coat is the ‘key’ for the over coat and needs to penetrate a clean surface for good adhesion. Once the surface is cleaned the concrete must be allowed to completely dry. This usually takes a few days of good weather You shouldn’t see any moisture bleed coming from control cuts or sides of the area or any visible moisture tones from retic etc. If this is the case DO NOT PROCEED.

It is recommended you perform a test on a small area before full application, to test desired effect. Application is best achieved by rolling using a lambswool (solvent resistant) cover. A 230mm cover and frame is recommended for best control. Solvent resistant soft brooms are also effective. An airless sprayer is also recommended when used by an experienced applicator.
• 1st coat should be thinned at a ratio of 1L of “xylene thinners” per 5L of Platinum Highlight Matt. Only proper thinners should be used.
• 2nd coat can be applied neat or thinned.
• Apply 2nd coat in the opposite direction to 1st coat.

DO NOT apply in the heat of the day (over 35 and under 10). This may lead to accelerated curing which can then lead to a light and dark type appearance once dry. Cool mornings and afternoons are ideal application times, especially the first coat.

DO NOT apply if rain is imminent. A minimum of 2 hours should be allowed between coats prior to applying the second coat. A slip resistant additive is recommended for sloping surfaces and smooth surfaces likely to become wet from time to time. Platinum Highlight Matt does reduce the rolling resistance of surfaces it is applied to and adding.

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