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Besser Blocks

Midland Brick Besser Blocks

The Besser block - a quiet achiever

Some history.
Probably the best known of all construction blocks is the Besser block, or Besser brick. Named after the inventor Jesse Besser, who in the early 1900s developed a successful concrete block making machine that created a whole new approach to masonry construction.

The Besser block came into its own during World War II and the years following, when massive infrastructure and rebuilding was needed in so many counties around the world.

These days, “Besser block” is used as the generic term for all types of cement blocks; very much like we use the names Google, Kleenex and Velcro today. These are all brand names, but have all become the accepted category term.

No more the ugly duckling.
Individually, Besser blocks may appear a touch boring, but with an open mind and creative approach Besser blocks can surprise. These oblong concrete blocks are some of the most versatile building materials you’ll find. They can create interesting visual effects to the interior and exterior of your home - plus structural and insulating advantages.

Much of the recent popularity of Besser blocks has been driven by the revival of mid-century modernist design; however, Midland Brick’s Besser blocks have been quietly at work around Perth for many years, from large commercial projects like Perth’s new Children’s Hospital and 60,000 seat Optus Stadium, to high end customised homes and major landscape developments.

A $45 million-dollar upgrade.
Due to Midland Brick’s massive $45-million-dollar investment in new technology, the choice of Besser blocks is now so much greater, with surface textures ranging from rough and rustic to super smooth and honed - and anything in-between.  You can even get a sculptured face or cut-out patterns, as we see in breeze blocks.

A Besser block for every use.
Whether you’re building your first home or a 60,000-seat stadium - or simply want to retain your veggie patch, Midland Brick has a Besser block to suit. From the most stylish to the simplest cement grey, you can choose from a range of colours and textures and even have special ones made-to-order.

So, when you’re ready to discover Besser blocks in Perth, visit your nearest Midland Brick display centre, or view our range online.