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Masonry Blocks

Midland Brick Masonry Blocks

Your guide to the masonry block

The word Masonry originates in Middle English (12th to 15th Century) Probably from Old French masson (noun), maçonner (verb), with a possible Germanic origin.

Today, Masonry means ‘something built of stone, brick, concrete etc’.

Masonry blocks are a versatile and stylish option for many home owners wanting to play with colours and texture both inside and outside the home – but there is sometimes confusion over what really constitutes “masonry.” While masonry is technically anything made from clay or concrete, at Midland Brick, we use the word “masonry” to define any product made from cement and aggregate. Any products referred to simply as “bricks” or “face bricks” will usually be made from natural clay.

Now we’ve cleared that up, let’s talk about masonry blocks.

Masonry blocks – on the world stage.
Although masonry blocks (or cement blocks) have been around since the mid 19th Centaury, they didn't become widely used until after WW2 when they proved their value and versatility during the massive rebuilding programmes. And then, during the 1950s and 1970s, the masonry block became even more popular when the Modernist and Brutalist architecture styles were at their peak.

One of the most versatile products available to a builder today.
Because masonry blocks are a totally manufactured product, the size, shape and strength can be engineered for specific applications. This makes masonry blocks highly adaptable and versatile across a wide range of construction applications.  

The new blocks on the block.
Today, masonry blocks have seen a huge resurgence and are being specified in more projects than ever before. Midland Brick’s masonry blocks are at the forefront, being used in stunning customised designed homes and huge developments like the Fiona Stanley Hospital and Optus Stadium, where we produced over 900,000 specially designed masonry blocks.

More choice for today.
Due to our massive $45 million investment in new technology, Midland Brick now produce WA’s largest range of masonry blocks, with surface textures ranging from rough and rustic to super smooth and honed - and anything in between.  You can even get a sculptured face or cut-out patterns - as we see in our new breeze blocks range.

A masonry block for every application.
Whether you’re designing a 60,000-seat stadium or simply want to retain your garden beds, Midland Brick has a masonry block to suit. From the most stylish parchment hues to the simplest natural cement grey, you can choose from a range of colours and textures and even have special blocks made-to-order.

When you’re ready to discover the best masonry blocks in Perth, visit your nearest Midland Brick display centre in Middle Swan, Joondalup and Homebase Subiaco, or view our range online.