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Midland Brick's Breeze Blocks

The Breeze Block – made for WA

If ever there was a building block designed for our Western Australian climate – it's the breeze block.

The breeze block actually dates back to the 1930s and the American Art Deco period, but it soared to prominence in the 1950s and 1960s during the rise of the mid-century modernism movement.  This style focused on creating functional homes with plenty of space, light and openness to create a seamless connection between inside and out. This style is also enjoying a resurgence today!

The intelligent block

Although there are numerous stories relating to how the breeze block became a breeze block, we rather like the one that relates to the design allowing a breeze to flow through the patterned holes. This sits nicely with the fact that, throughout the 1950s and 1960s, breeze blocks were the perfect (and preferred) choice in hot climates where airflow and temperature control is always so important, as well as in coastal areas where strong winds prevail.

With today’s environmental focus and increasing energy costs, it’s good to know that the iconic breeze block is available once again and experiencing a revival for all those eco-friendly airflow and comfort benefits, as well as their good looks.

Breezy ideas for small spaces to large spreads

There are so many areas of a home where breeze blocks can be used, both inside and out. From creative boundary walls and street-front features to screen fences and interior decorative dividing walls... right down to really cool planter boxes or other DIY projects.

The latest styles now on show at Midland Brick

The very latest in breeze block design has just landed at Midland Brick. Imported from Spain and with just a hint of mid-centaury modernism, these new blocks are perfect for today’s home and landscaping trends.

To learn more about breeze blocks, breeze into your nearest Midland Brick display centre in Middle Swan, Joondalup and Homebase Subiaco or view our blocks range online