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Buying Recycled Bricks in Perth

What is old is new again – and getting better!

The look of recycled bricks has experienced a renaissance in the last few years. Their raw beauty and character are features that sit as comfortably with the industrial warehouse look as they do with the elegant, clean sharpness of contemporary design. Of course, recycled bricks work perfectly in period designs where an authentic look is paramount, or where new renovations need to reflect a home’s history.

Are you searching for recycled bricks Perth?

Recycled bricks create a character that many of us look for, but how achievable and practical is it? There are certainly scrap yards that sell recycled bricks in Perth, but not always when you need them, in the quantity you require, or in the colour you’re after. If you have your heart set on using recycled bricks, it’s important to be sure of your supply, the look and the price. However, there are other options…

Get the look without the hassle

With Midland Brick’s high tech manufacturing techniques, it is possible to achieve the look of recycled bricks in Perth without the hassles and heartache of searching, reserving and blending different batches ahead of your build.

Our range of new, recycled-look bricks is varied in colour and texture – and there’s more choice than you may think!

As a starting point, we recommend you explore Midland Brick’s Restoration Red Coach. These typical red recycled bricks come in both a standard profile and a ‘rumbled’ coach finish to achieve a really weathered, rustic look. Other red brick options are Midland Brick’s Subiaco Red Coach and Traditional Coach. Both these would be perfect options to achieve a recycled look, and are definitely worth adding to your shopping list. And there’s a Cream Mexi Coach that has that same rustic appeal but in a lighter colour.

The final touch

You’ll be surprised how the appearance of your brickwork can change when you use different mortar colours and joint styles. This is where you really need to discuss your options with your architect or builder; alternatively, you can call into a Midland Brick display centre to view our products and have the chance to talk through your project with our knowledgeable sales team.

So, if you’ve fallen for the look of recycled bricks and are looking to buy recycled bricks in Perth but are unsure where to start, then consider Midland Brick’s Coached range of bricks – all available to view at Midland Brick’s display centres in Middle Swan, Joondalup and Homebase Subiaco, or online.