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Face Bricks

Rediscover the humble face brick

Although bricks have been in use for well over 2000 years, it's the face bricks of today that have created a renewed interest from architects and designers.  With such a variety of new colours and textures, the humble face brick has changed dramatically to something highly creative and contemporary.

Subiaco to New York

Today, clay face bricks come in more colours, textures and sizes than ever before, from whites to vibrant reds and even black, plus everything in between. If you want the look of render without the maintenance, then consider building in smooth monochromatic face brick colours with matching mortar (our Estilo Blanco bricks are great for this!)

With Midland Brick’s face brick range, you have a choice of over 60 styles, from the traditional Subiaco Red to the New York collection - a new range designed to reflect the rich, colourful character of historical New York brickwork.

The appeal of face bricks

The design flexibility of face bricks is unique. There is no other building material like it. Think how creative young people are with that other "very famous building brick", and you start to get a sense of what today's face bricks can achieve architecturally. The bonus? Face bricks can work with any design or theme; from traditional Colonial and Federation to the highly contemporary.

Weekends are for living

Contrast a clay face brick home with any other, and you'll soon see how much time and money you'll save with brick in the long run – and how much more you'll have for yourselves.

Clay face brick never needs painting and hardly ever needs cleaning. It never rots, fades, peels or dents. So don't worry about the maintenance. Give yourself time to do the fun things in life. As we say, clay face bricks are made for life and for living.

When you’re ready to discover the best range of face bricks in Perth, visit your nearest Midland Brick display centre in Middle Swan, Joondalup and Homebase Subiaco, or explore our range online.