Brick Pavers

Limestone Concrete Paving by Midland Brick

Considering brick pavers?

You’ll enjoy many benefits using brick pavers. The Romans knew this over 2000 years ago!

Quality, well-laid brick paving impacts on both the look and the value of your home – plus it helps create beautiful, practical and functional outdoor living spaces that look great year after year.

Segmental brick pavers (technical jargon for individual pavers) are highly adaptable for difficultly shaped and contoured areas, such as sloped driveways, curved edges and winding paths. Plus, for that all-important driveway, brick pavers are strong, low maintenance and can easily be replaced where accidental oil stains or damage may occur. In fact, brick pavers are the perfect solution to any landscape area, both residential and commercial.

When it comes to design, brick paving colour choice can influence the visual size of your area – light colours enlarge, whereas darker brick pavers have the opposite effect. You can be even more creative with brick paver patterns too. A linear type pattern will draw your eye to a specific spot, whereas what’s known as a ‘static pattern’ such as herringbone has no movement or focal point.

So why not make your home more beautiful and your life easier and go with brick pavers?

If you want to know more, contact your nearest Midland Brick Centre and shop online for our full range of traditional and contemporary brick pavers. 

Driveway pavers. So many options.

At Midland Brick we have many 60mm brick pavers, specifically made for driveways. From traditional Ezi-Pave clay pavers or the very unique 70mm ‘Handmade’ to the contemporary and exclusive Colonnade concrete paver. Colours range from creams and limestone to traditional reds and the darkest grey blends. Plus textures galore, from rustic to smooth, from granite to refined honed.

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