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Bullnose paving

Often the last to be considered, bullnose paving is always the first to be seen and admired.

Perfect for pool surrounds, bullnose paving has a durable and smooth finished edge to create safer pool access, particularly for children and the elderly. And they're not just for pools - bullnose pavers are the ideal finish for steps, pool seating and flower box edging.

The creative edge

At Midland Brick, we've designed our bullnose pavers around our longtime favourites. Available in our Masterpave, Boulevard or Promenade pavers, you'll find a range to work in any outdoor design.

More than just good looks

Because bullnose pavers are individual bricks, your paving is easily lifted and re-laid for those unexpected maintenance jobs. And you won't need to hire the heavy brigade - you simply remove the paving from the area you need to work on.

Get ready to add the finishing touch

Don't leave it until the last minute. Add the finishing touches to your pool landscaping from the start - with bullnose paving from Midland Brick.

To find out more about our range of bullnose paving, contact your nearest Midland Brick Centre or download our paving brochure