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Charcoal paving

Charcoal paving – creating light and shade

The cool, clean look of charcoal paving reflects the intensity of black with the vibrancy and freshness of white. Total opposites, but they come together to create some of the most stunning paver choices you have.

Getting you motivated

For designers and landscapers, charcoal paving is probably the easiest and most practical to integrate into any landscape design. What’s more, the neutral tones of charcoal paving effectively complements other colours, from vivid red planter boxes to the diverse shades of natives and succulents. And when you can select from 30 variations of grey and charcoal pavers, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve - even in small spaces.

From back to front

With Midland Brick’s exciting range of grey and charcoal pavers, you can plan your whole outdoors from driveway to patio and from footpath to pool surround. You can choose from the darkest to lightest. And with the variety of finishes, including exposed aggregate and stylish honed surfaces, you start to get a sense of how creative you can be.

In all, we have 30 variations on the grey and charcoal theme — variations in colour, size, texture and paver style.

These range from the simplest monochromatic grey to a highly polished quartz look, and sizes from a practical 200x200mm to an impressive 600x300mm – even a slimline 100x400mm decorative charcoal border paver.

At Midland, we make it easy.

We have charcoal pavers for every budget, from the masterly Masterpave to the super-smooth premium Promenade Honed. And if you want something exceptional, we can even make special orders. So, whether you are going down the classic path or taking a modernist approach, we hope we will inspire you to look at charcoal paving in a new light.

To see how creative you can be with our range of charcoal pavers, visit us at one of our locations.