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Cream Pavers

Limestone Concrete Paving by Midland Brick

Cream pavers - natural, calm and relaxing

With a palette that captures a range of creams from the coolest limestone, right through to the sandy tones of the outback, Midland Brick cream pavers are probably one of the most versatile materials you can use in any landscape design… but which cream do you choose?

Warm, cool or in between?

Let’s set the scene. Imagine the tranquillity of a beautiful, sparking blue pool with the light cream pavers of the surround. You can almost feel the coolness and visualise the contrast. Alternatively, maybe you’re looking to create a classic Tuscan courtyard with more of a mid-tone sandstone, or how about a natural earthy look? Imagine a beautiful winding path through a native garden, where the warmth of nature is reflected by the warm, almond-coloured pavers. Any of these scenarios can be achieved with cream pavers from Midland Brick.

Getting you motivated

With many options available, our cream pavers will give you plenty of choice. Whether you’re going down the classic path or an ultra-contemporary design, we hope we will inspire you to look at this classic colour in a new light.

Cool Creams

Golden Dune: an almost monochromatic classic cream paver in the traditional clay brick shape. Available in 50mm and 60mm depths in our Landscape and Heavy Duty paving ranges respectively, they are ideally suited for driveways and crossovers. Plus, being natural clay, these cream pavers are double sided, so if one becomes stained or damaged you can simply flip it over for a brand-new look.

Limestone: this beautiful cream features in our very popular Promenade, Masterpave, Boulevard and Ashlar ranges. As the name suggests, this colour option is super cool and super versatile. Use them in a patio, on a footpath or even stepping stones… you just can’t go wrong with these cream pavers. 

Warm Creams

Caversham and Woodbridge: both from our unique Handmade clay series. These all-time favourites have a rustic tumbled texture with colours in the warm cream to light amber range. Perfect for all types of landscapes and alfresco designs, they are a textbook option for those seeking a genuine traditional look or a stunning contrast with contemporary architecture.

Colonnade Travertine: at 600x300, these are our largest pavers yet and at 60mm thick can be used in driveways and most alfresco designs. As a contemporary high-end paver, the Colonnade Travertine is a great alternative to boring concrete or limestone slabs – and they certainly tick all the boxes on cost and low maintenance.

The look of limestone

If we’re talking cream pavers, we simply can’t ignore limestone. One of the all-time favorites, limestone is up there with the best, but it can be super expensive and often impractical for many domestic uses.

With this in mind, we’ve developed a whole range of paver styles and profiles to whet the appetite of the ‘Limestone Lover’ who wants something more practical. So, no matter if you’re after a cool or warm cream, we suggest you take a look at our extensive range to see how many options and variations we have. Plus, the choice of laying patterns than can be achieved will give even the most imaginative out there new inspiration.  

And if you’re still not convinced...

Lighter cream pavers and limestone colours are the perfect choice for our warm summer climate. Cream stays cooler by reflecting the heat, which reduces the ambient temperature around the house, plus the pavers stay much cooler underfoot.

If you want to find out more about our range of clay and cement cream pavers, call 13 15 40 or view our paving brochure; and if you want to get closer to our cream pavers, visit any one of our conveniently located display centers.