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Patio Pavers

Limestone Concrete Paving by Midland Brick

Are you searching for the perfect pavers for your patio or alfresco area? Well, look no further!

The joy of patio paving is that there is so much choice. You’re far less limited by considerations such as strength than you would be if you were paving a driveway, and as a patio is usually the hub of your outdoor living space, you can (and should!) have fun with the design.

Midland Brick offers a range of patio pavers to suit a variety of design specifications and functional needs.

Brick pavers and clay pavers are still popular options for heritage-style homes, but did you know that Midland Brick also has patio pavers with stone-look, granite-look and even honed (semi-polished) finishes? To increase the options paving provides even more, there is also the choice of square or rectangular shapes for your patio paving.

Rectangular patio pavers allow you to play with patterns and shapes that also add additional benefits; for example, rectangular patio pavers laid in a herringbone pattern are less likely to shift (when laid on a properly prepared site) than square pavers are, due to the interlocking nature of the herringbone pattern. Conversely, square patio pavers provide an easy canvas for mixing and matching colours – or leaving out a paver here and there altogether (allowing you to fill the space with decorative pebbles, lawn, or ground covers).

To find out more about Midland Brick’s range of patio pavers, call 13 15 40 to speak to a Sales Advisor or view our paving brochure.