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Paver Sizes

One comment we regularly get here at Midland Brick is, “I didn’t realise you had so many paver sizes!”

It’s true – we have a wide range of paver sizes, but for a very good reason.

The size of your paver dictates what it can be used for; and so it goes without saying that specific uses or areas require specifically-sized pavers.


Paving for patios, alfresco areas and garden paths doesn’t need to be able to take an enormous amount of wear like road pavers do, since these areas usually only receive foot traffic - along with light-weight pieces of machinery like lawn mowers or electric wheelchairs.

The strength of a paver depends on many variables, but one that often goes overlooked is the paver’s length and width against its depth. The higher the ratio between paver length and width, the thicker it needs to be to maintain strength; and so, while any size of paver can be used for patios, alfresco areas and garden paths, we recommend sticking to the following paver sizes to ensure you’re not paying for additional strength you won’t use.

Residential Driveways & Crossovers

Pavers used for residential driveways require more strength than those being used for patios, alfrescos and garden paths, since they will be bearing the weight of light vehicles like motorbikes, cars, utes and SUVs. As a minimum, we recommend driveway pavers be 50mm thick – although as the length and width of the paver increases, so too should its depth.

Suitable residential driveway paver sizes include:

Pavers for driveway crossovers require a little more thought, as laying recommendations nominate that pavers used in crossovers should be no less than 60mm in depth. If your driveway goes straight to the road and doesn’t include a footpath, choosing a paving range that offers the same paver in multiple depths can be a cost-effective solution:

Remember - when paving crossovers, you should first contact your local shire to ensure you comply with their specifications.

Commercial & Roads

For commercial purposes, Midland Brick has a range of pavers that can withstand the constant wear-and-tear vehicles and heavy foot traffic (like city malls) can place it under. As each commercial project is unique in its scope and requirements, we recommend speaking to our commercial sales team on 13 15 40.