We are currently experiencing a high demand for our paving products. Please bear with us as we strive to fulfill orders and restock products. Thank you for your patience.

Paving Displays

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge that picking the right patio paver, pool paver or driveway paving can be confusing!

There are so many options – clay pavers, brick pavers, limestone pavers, concrete pavers – and sometimes looking online isn’t that much of a help.

Paving is a tactile product and, when installed, doesn’t just give an area a look; it helps craft a feel. It only makes sense then that you should experience your selected pavers in person before you make your final decision!

To ensure you get to view your pavers in person before they arrive on site, Midland Brick has three paving displays across the Perth metropolitan area. From Joondalup in the north, Middle Swan to the east, and Home Base more centrally, we’ve got Perth covered.

Midland Brick paving displays aren’t just for viewing product though; they are for experiencing it. Truly – it’s not uncommon to see one of our clients take off a shoe to feel our pavers underfoot!

When it comes to our paving displays, we take care to maintain them just as we recommend you do with your new pavers (so you can see how they will weather and age). Plus, we update the products in them regularly to ensure you always have access to paving displays that are filled to the brim with our latest product ranges and paving colours.

To visit and view our Midland Brick paving displays for yourself, call 13 15 40 or find your nearest Midland Brick display centre now.