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Pool Pavers

Limestone Concrete Paving by Midland Brick

Pool pavers – so much more than just good looks!

Using pavers around your pool is a smart idea. Not only will they look great, but they’re probably one of your most practical pool surround options.

Choice and performance

First up, your choice of pool pavers is vast. You can choose from a variety of colours and blends in countless sizes and textures.

Then there’s performance. Pool pavers can easily handle the extreme elements of our Perth climate and active outdoor lifestyle. What’s more, with the appropriate laying and surface treatment, your pool pavers are virtually maintenance-free.

More than just good looks

As pool pavers are individual units, your paving is easily lifted and re-laid for those unexpected maintenance and repair jobs. Plus, you won’t need to hire the heavy brigade because you can simply lift the area you need - so it can even become a DIY project.

The extras

Bullnosed pavers are the pool pavers that are used to create the edging for the pool surround. They create a perfect visual finish as well as a comfortable entry and exit to the pool, minimising scratches and scrapes. These bullnose pavers can also be used in other applications such as steps and flower box edging. Midland Brick bullnose pool pavers are part of our MasterpaveBoulevardCambridgeColonnade and Promenade ranges.

Why not make your swimming pool the best you can and your living easier with pool pavers from Midland Brick?

For more information, contact your nearest Midland Brick display centre and check online for our full range of pavers. We have the knowledge to help you choose the right pool pavers to get the look you want - and most importantly, to suit your budget.