Primolino Classic Charcoal

$8.00 Each
$2,638.68 Per Pallet Price inc GST and excludes cartage fee

This slimline feature and boarder addition paver will bring elegance and sophistication to all projects. Showcasing a decorated etched surface in charcoal grey, Primolino is the ultimate design finish to any landscaping project.

  • Dimensions:400 x 100 x 60mm
  • Standard Weight:5.36 kg

Technical Information

Primolino Details 
Pavers per pallet: 330
Lineal metres per pallet: 132
Pavers per lineal metre: 2.5

This product is packaged on pallets. An additional cost per pallet is required as a deposit - which is fully refundable on return to any Midland Brick Yard (link to yards).

Pallet collection can also be arranged for a per pallet charge - conditions do apply. 


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