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Red Pavers

There are lots of new reasons to fall in love with red pavers!

In the old days, red pavers were made from locally quarried clays and tended to be terracotta or a monochromatic red in colour. It was certainly a case of a red paver being a red paver, with very little (if any!) variation.

So how has the humble red paver changed?

It’s all about choice – and tonnes of it. The red pavers of today are so much more than just red. We now see really interesting tones like ochres, bronzes and copper, plus blends that feature subtle sunset pastels and even purple and blue oxides. Plus, if we then count in all the sizes, shapes and textures that are now available, you start to get an idea of just how far red pavers have come! But that’s not to say the days of the classic red paver is over… far from it!

How do you choose your red pavers?                 

Let’s say it’s really up to you, and of course your landscape. That might sound too simplistic, but you know your house and the look you’re after. You may want red pavers to simply match an existing look, or create whole new one.  You may want to go very traditional or maybe want to subtly nod the past with a more contemporary theme – or go right out there with a totally individual look. Whatever your inspiration, you can be sure we have a red paver for you.

We have the range so you can have the choice.

With 17 colours and more options in size and texture, you’ll be sure to find a style to suit. Whether it’s traditional, Federation or ultra-modern, you can be sure you won’t be short of choice at Midland Brick

Traditional clay red pavers


This popular clay paver is made for driveways and many other areas in your garden. With an almost classic profile of 153x232x60mm, Ezi-Pave adds a feel of tradition whilst achieving a quite distinctive look. Ezi-Pave come in 3 red tones and is perfect for federation and traditional styles.

Heavy Duty

These 60mm thick clay pavers are specifically manufactured for driveways and feature a traditional size of 114x230mm. Being natural clay, the colour is kiln fired right through to the core to allow you to use both sides of the paver. There are four tones of red pavers which are perfect for those looking for federation and traditional themes.

Handmade Woodbridge

A very unique paver from our Handmade range that replicates the look of bricks from Colonial times. Made tough and 70mm thick, these pavers are perfect for those seeking a genuine traditional look or a stunning contrast with contemporary architecture. Woodbridge features shades of ochre and rust with a subtle cream background.

For something more modern…

Masterpave Classic and Granite

These 200x200mm square format red pavers feature simple clean lines to enhance everyday living and are perfectly priced to suit any budget. The two surface textures of smooth Classic and textured Granite offer a matching profile with contrasting finishes. Available in 50mm and 60mm, they can be used in residential and commercial spaces and driveways. Masterpave offer a range of five contemporary red tones.

Promenade Classic and Granite

Promenade is a versatile 300x300mm range featuring a fashionable square profile. The Classic has a smooth finish, whereas the Granite, by contrast, has more of a granite texture.  They come in 40mm and 60mm thickness and a matching 60mm Bullnose. And there’s plenty of choice for those looking for red pavers in a high performance, cost effective paver range.


The smooth texture and bevelled edge featured in the Pavestone range will add style to any outdoor area. Available in 230x114x60mm this classic look is perfect for all applications from paths to driveways and comes in three stylish colours to harmonize with any red theme from traditional to modern.


If you’re looking for something a little more alternative, then look no further than the Ashlar range. A customised pattern exclusive to Midland Brick, Ashlar pavers are formed by using a variety of paver shapes and sizes to create a truly individual look. Take a look at Golden Sand and Amber, two superb blends to harmonize in any red themed landscaping.

Get the look of stone without the price tag

Stylestone Rockpave and Signature Series Rockpave

These two very popular pavers feature a subtle cut stone texture with the Signature Series having a slightly more sculptured finish. They come in 300x300mm and 400x400mm and 40mm and 60mm thickness with matching Bullnose. Available in three red toned options, Rockpave pavers are ideal for those looking for a more subtle red.

Colonnade Alpine Ash

At 600x300mm, Colonnade is our largest paver yet and at 60mm thick can be used in driveways and alfresco designs. As a contemporary high-end paver, the Colonnade Alpine Ash is a great option for those looking to incorporate a subtle terracotta and limestone theme.

So, when you’re ready to fall in love with red pavers.

Discover the latest range at Midland Brick where you’ll find 27 variations on the red theme to harmonise or contrast with your landscape. A far cry from the days of the simple terracotta red brick shaped pavers.

If you want to find out more about our range of clay and cement red pavers, contact your nearest Midland Brick location or go download a brochure