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Roof Tiles

Roof tiles - the natural, long-lasting, high performance alternative for the roof over your head.

Considering your roof accounts for about half the surface area of your house, it is surprising how often it’s seen as a secondary selection issue. When you consider that your roof will be totally exposed to the elements – all day, every day, through sun, rain, hail, storms and ferocious winds, it brings home the importance of actually getting this right for the long term. Choosing the right material is central to achieving peace of mind and confidence in the long-term reliability and good looks of your home - and roof tiles tick all the boxes, especially Midland Brick’s Concrete Roof Tile range.

Why roof tiles?

There are many advantages to installing roof tiles, .

  • Comfort: Roof tiles can help you enjoy more comfortable living in summer and winter. The thermal mass of roof tiles, when used correctly – can result in improved insulation. Plus, the density of roof tiles helps to reduce external sound such as aircraft, road noise and rain and hail. 
  • Long-lasting: Roof tiles are extremely durable and can last well over 100 years... and if installed correctly will withstand storms, hail, high winds, and even fire. 
  • Impervious to rot and weather damage: Roof tiles don't deteriorate or fade.
  • Environmentally friendly material: Roof tiles can be recycled. 
  • Energy efficient: The effective thermal mass of roof tiles will help regulate indoor temperatures. 
  • Low maintenance: Leaks are almost unheard of, and it is very rare for tile roofs to require repairs or maintenance unless they break due to heavy impact.
  • Salt safe: All Midland Brick roof tiles are salt-safe and frost-resistant, making them particularly suitable for homes built in coastal locations.
  • Fire resistant: Roof tiles are made from non-combustible materials and can safely be used in bushfire prone areas, including the highest prone areas (BAL-FZ), when installed to Australian Standards.
  • Plenty of choices: Midland Brick’s roof tiles come in a wide variety of colours and styles to match any architecture.

The Midland Brick range of roof tiles

Our concrete range provides homeowners with all the quality and choice for lasting good looks, plus profiles to suit a wide range of architectural styles and specifications. 

Colour tips – when you’re ready

Colour and finish can have a fundamental influence on the style and character of your home. Obvious things like exterior wall materials and colours, as well as architectural style, will be the driving influences, but you should also consider the home’s surrounding environment, including neighbouring houses. These will all require some broader thinking. And remember to think about guttering and fascia finish of the home. As a general rule, look for colours that are in harmony or contrast.

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