Guildford Grammar Catalyst Building

Building the future. Respecting the past.

In 2013 the innovative and award-winning Catalyst building was officially opened at Guildford Grammar. Aptly named the Catalyst, it supports a smooth transition for the seven and eight-year students between the junior school environment and senior school.

Cleverly designed, the building is a perfect example of heritage and modernism coming together to create a blending of past and present.

Keen to echo moods of the existing school, the team from Christou Architects commissioned Midland Brick to create a new face brick to visually link the existing buildings with the new.

Recognised and commended by The Australian Institute of Architects and two Asia Pacific Property Awards, the Catalyst Building earns top marks all round.


Project: Guildford Grammar Catalyst building

Year Built: 2013

Architect: Christou Architects

Builder: EMCO Buildin