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John Curtin Centre

Exhibits its namesakes’ strengths of vison and character.

The opening in 1997 of The John Curtin Centre became a landmark moment in the development of Bentley, creating a visual focus and identity within the campus. It also heralded the arrival of Curtin as a university of consequence.

Home to the John Curtin Gallery and the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library the Centre also accentuates the ‘red-brick’ architectural style of the University.

During the initial design process, the architects commissioned Midland Brick to produce almost 2 million bricks. Many were custom-made to create the unique tones and textures that have made the grand curve and colonnades so distinctive.

Project: The John Curtin Centre – Curtin University

Year Built: 1997

Architect: Woodhead

Builder: Multiplex

Contractor: Prestiani