Optus Stadium

The Building Blocks of Entertainment in Perth

Since 1946, Midland Brick has been making and supplying bricks and pavers for thousands of homes, schools, hospitals, commercial buildings and other major infrastructure projects. There would be very few brands and products that have touched the lives of so many West Australians – and for so long. 

For 72 years Midland Brick has not only shaped WA’s residential building landscape but also some of Perth's most significant projects. Take for example the Perth Concert Hall, where in the late 70s we developed the first commercial clay pavers for the main forecourt. These are still in place today – though they will be getting a refresh soon!

In the late 70s and 80s our bricks were used extensively in many of the new developments along St George’s Terrace, most notably, the Cloisters, the Bank West Tower, the Hyatt Hotel, and right at the end of the Terrace, the WACA. Other public infrastructure like Perth Modern School and Fiona Stanley Hospital all feature Midland Brick products, as do hundreds of suburban, regional and country schools and hospitals.

Our blocks and pavers can also be seen – and in some cases not seen - in some of the State’s more recent projects, including The Camfield and Optus Stadium.

We work in the millions!

Unlike other construction materials, bricks and blocks are single pieces - think Lego. So, with big projects like Optus Stadium, orders are not in the hundreds but in the hundreds of thousands… for Optus stadium, that number was six hundred thousand, to be precise. That’s 600,000 individual, highly specified, high performance blocks to be produced and delivered to site - without a hitch. Plus, the blocks of course required continuity of colour and size, ensuring both structural integrity and an aesthetically pleasing result.

The production and delivery of these blocks to site was also a logistical achievement, requiring very careful and calculated planning to ensure the product continually arrived on time for the builders’ very demanding schedule.

And there’s more

If we then include all the schools, hospitals, clinics, offices and other public and commercial developments, and the residential housing market, you can easily appreciate that our annual production of over 100 million units keeps us busy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


A Jumbo of a job – some facts and figures

  • The total weight of the 600,000 Optus Stadium blocks is equivalent to the weight of 1632 Asian Elephants, or 101,000 average-sized adults!
  • The 600,000 Midland Brick blocks used cover approximately 48,000 square metres. That’s equivalent to twice the size of the Optus footy oval. Just image that as you look down from the stands!
  • It took over 227 fully loaded trucks with trailers over 688 hours to deliver the blocks from Middle Swan to Optus Stadium. That’s almost a month continuously on the road 24 hours a day, seven days a week!


Other recent major projects:

Crown Towers – 100,000 blocks

Fiona Stanley Hospital – 630,000 bricks and blocks

Como The Treasury – 150,000 blocks

Brookfield Plaza – 250,000 blocks


All our manufacturing is done right here in WA, at our Middle Swan brickworks, which is recognised as one of the world’s largest on one site. We employ the skills and talent of hundreds of West Australians, who all work together towards one common goal: to make the best product for our customers.