Perth Zoo


Story and footage courtesy of Channel 7 Perth and Home in WA.

Midland Brick is not just in the business of making bricks but also giving back to the community, as evidenced by its longstanding partnership with Perth Zoo to support its mission to save wildlife.

Since 2010, Midland Brick has donated goods for animal enclosures, supplied clay for the Galapagos tortoise, rhinos and elephants, and even helped in the release of nearly 40 Western Swamp tortoise hatchlings, one of Australia’s most endangered reptiles.

Aside from helping Perth Zoo in its bid to save wildlife, the partnership also provided a great opportunity for team building and development within Midland Brick, such as the time staff from the Middle Swan brickworks spent a day working with the Zoo’s team in the Western Swamp tortoise enclosure.

"It was such a great day to be able to get up close and personal with the zoo wildlife and help behind the scenes,” Midland Brick’s Natalie Gilbert said.

Currently a proud Bronze-level sponsor, recent projects Midland Brick have undertaken with Perth Zoo include improvements to the lion exhibit (using a variety of Midland Brick blocks) and an addition to the Docent lodge, where volunteers create enrichment activities for the zoo’s animals, with Desert Oak single-course bricks.