Wine Cellars To Inspire Your Next Home Reno

Posted on 09 Apr 2019

It’s no secret that Western Australia produces more than our fair share of fine wine. With the Swan Valley, Margaret River and Great Southern wine regions so close by, it’s little surprise that more and more people are including a wine cellar on their list of ‘must have elements’ for their dream home.

But a cellar doesn’t just have to be a dark, cold and unpleasant place for you to store your wine. When designed with a little bit of thought and creativity - and built using the right materials - your cellar can be a stunning focal point in your home that will wow visitors and give you a lot of satisfaction.

To help give you some design inspiration for your next home renovation, we’ve compiled a few examples of what’s possible when you put some thought and effort into designing a stunning cellar space. We’ve also included links to our building materials that you could use to create a similar effect, so if you see something you really love you’ll be able to make it come to life in your own home.



An Easy Above-Ground Approach

A cellar doesn’t have to involve a massive underground excavation (and the associated hefty price tag). If you’re smart about it, you can transform a corner of your house into a great wine storage area that gives you the atmosphere of a cellar without the inconvenience and expense of actually digging one.

This clever example uses stone, slate flooring, cement and timber racking to create an effect that subtly references a subterranean space while staying well above ground.

Midland Brick products you can use to recreate this effect:
Midland Brick Country Ledgestone Cultured Stone in a blend of 20% Echo Ridge and 80% Aspen
Midland Brick Promenade Honed pavers in Grigio





Beautiful Brickwork & Timber

When it comes to designing small spaces, a little bit of ingenuity and creativity goes a long way. We love the way this cellar cleverly incorporates simple elements like creamy, rustic bricks and honey-hued timber, and uses them to create a space that is highly functional and visually appealing.

By creating a wine storage area out of brick and varying the laying pattern inside the arch, the whole space has been transformed into something unique, eye-catching and practical. If you have limited cellar space to work with, something along these lines could be a great idea for your renovation project.

Midland Brick products you can use to recreate this effect:
Midland Brick Handmade bricks in Woodbridge





Old World Splendour

Ever felt like you were an aristocrat in a previous life? You might not be able to live in an ancient European castle, but you can certainly bring an element of rustic, old-world charm into your house with your cellar.

The use of stone walls, earthy brick flooring, a wooden roof, lamp style feature lighting and rustic timber furniture creates the feeling that you’ve stepped back in time. It’s been scientifically proven that the surrounding environment has a big impact on the taste of what you eat and drink, and the sense of theatre created by a cellar like this is bound to add an extra-special edge to any fine wines you enjoy in it.

Midland Brick products you can use to recreate this effect:
Midland Brick Dressed Fieldstone Cultured Stone in Aspen
Midland Brick Natural Grey blocks used as pavers



The Smart Cellar-On-A-Budget

Cellars don’t necessarily have to be grandiose underground caverns. It’s possible to repurpose existing space in your home to e to accommodate your wine, and it can even be done on a budget.

For example, if the kids have left home and you don’t need their closets to store clothes in anymore, some exposed brick walls and cleverly drilled wooden posts can transform the space into a nifty cellar room. Not only will you be able to better store and enjoy your wine collection, but the kids will be much less likely to move back home in the future, so it’s a win-win situation!

Midland Brick products you can use to recreate this effect:
Midland Brick bricks in Restoration Red






A truly great renovation project is all about thinking outside the box. That can mean building down as well as out and up. If you’ve always dreamed of having an amazing cellar and have been inspired by some of the examples above, get in touch with us today to find out how we can supply you with the materials you need to make it a reality.

All images: Pinterest

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