Brick Design Trends: An Overview

Posted on 23 Aug 2017

Brick is Definitely Back

Bricks from Midland Brick offer a vast choice of colours and textures, with a brick to suit all architectural styles. When you also consider size, laying patterns and the effect of mortar colour, architects can really get creative with brick. Bricks also complement other building materials which are being used increasingly in interesting combinations. This is a trend which is definitely on the rise in Perth and WA.

The ever-growing range of this durable, low maintenance, quiet and thermally efficient building material has expanded rapidly to meet the needs of architects and designers, particularly for the design of contemporary buildings. So what is the latest in brick choice in WA?


When deciding on colour, consider all the components of the building such as the roof, guttering and fascia, as well as doors and window frames.
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The smoother, straight edge products are seen as more relevant to today's contemporary building designs.
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Different sizes/proportions are used to create visual interest and enhance architectural style.
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The mortar joint and colour can alter the appearance of bricks considerably, allowing you to achieve a relaxed light feel or a dramatic contrasting effect.
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