5 Reasons To Choose Cultured Stone Over Natural Stone

Posted on 15 Aug 2018

Stone has been the building block of the family home since civilisation began, from its humble beginnings in prehistoric dwellings to its use as a modern day architectural feature material.

There is no question that stone is loved for its strength, durability and authenticity. It is recognised as a material that adds beauty and character to any space. But despite this, stone can be heavy, difficult to install, expensive and limited in terms of choice.

Midland Brick recognised the opportunity to overcome these issues and has introduced Cultured Stone to Western Australia. Around for almost 50 years in the US market, Cultured Stone is a manufactured stone cladding product that has all the qualities of traditional stone but with significant added benefits.



5 Reasons to Choose Cultured Stone


Each unit of Cultured Stone is cast in natural stone moulds and meticulously hand coloured to achieve the look and feel of natural stone. With this painstaking care and artistry, Cultured Stone achieves the depth, complexity of colour, pattern and unique texture of natural stone.

With nine distinct ranges and a diverse palette of colours, there are numerous options for size, shape, colour and texture, providing the artistic freedom to create a truly personal look.

Cultured Stone is being used more and more in WA , and has quickly become a favourite amongst builders, designers and alike


Cultured Stone lets you spend more time creating the look you want, not searching for it. Whether you prefer rugged or refined, subtle or striking, Cultured Stone cladding is an affordable way to create a look that complements any style.

The natural beauty of Cultured Stone works in harmony with other building materials such as brick, timber and glass to create design features with dramatic visual appeal. With a versatility that extends from feature walls to fireplaces and water features to wine cellars, the beauty of Cultured Stone - both indoors and out, is inspiring.


Make an impact on your business by adding definition and differentiation with a Cultured Stone feature. Create a style that adds weight, drama and originality. From retail storefronts, to restaurants or hotel lobbies, classic or modern, evoke the time and place you desire with Cultured Stone.


At Midland Brick we are committed to developing and improving products that work for tomorrow, not just today. In all Cultured Stone products, there is a minimum of 54 per cent recycled content.

Cultured Stone is engineered to last, maintaining its beauty and strength for at least 50 years*. Furthermore, Cultured Stone cladding does not require painting, coating or sealing after installation.**

*50 year (limited) warranty. Please refer to the full warranty available at the time of supply. **See Technical Information Guide for applications prone to smoke, soot, dirt or water splashing.


Once installed, Cultured Stone cladding is virtually maintenance free. There is no painting, coating and sealing required after installation.**

Our quality control measures, choice of raw materials, ensure that professionally installed Cultured Stone will stand up to Australia's tough climate. For added peace of mind, Cultured Stone is supplied with a 50 year (limited) warranty.*

*Please refer to the full warranty available at the time of supply. ** See Technical Information Guide for applications prone to smoke, soot, dirt or water splashing.

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