Be inspired at our new Middle Swan display!

Posted on 22 Dec 2016

After the successful launch of the renovated Midland Brick display at Home Base in February of 2015, the 400m2 Middle Swan external display at Midland Brick's headquarters was next on the display centre upgrade program.

While practical in form and successful in its objective to assist clients with brick, paver and stone selections for many years - the renovation has been a welcome investment in implementing a huge breadth of new products, along with showcasing the full range of existing favourites.

 Midland engaged with Commercial Design Specialists from Michael & Hamish Design Studio once again to ensure a consistency in approach. While the new Midland external space encompasses a varied range of new design approaches - considering the location, weather, lighting, modularity and use of existing heritage elements for example, there is a notable fluidity between Middle Swan and the Homebase displays.


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