Moments: A Short Film

Posted on 17 Dec 2018


At Midland Brick, we know that while everyone moves through life wanting to achieve big goals, what makes life so special is the wonderful collection of little moments that happen along the way. Moments of fun, love and laughter with friends; of celebration with your family, and of time with the people and animals you cherish most.

We believe that through all these moments, tying them together to form the tapestry of your lived experiences, there is home – both in the arms of your family and the walls of your house.

Working together with Solo Films and Split Screen Productions, we created this short film to capture the essence of what “home” means to us. At Midland Brick, “home” is where we grow, where we learn, and where we dream… and it’s where Midland Brick has been for over 70 years.

Our short film was shot on location at the Robinson display homeby Pindan Homes in the Seven Hills Estate, Dianella. With our popular Subiaco Red brick and Ashlar pavers in Chalk playing starring roles in the design, this stunning display beautifully illustrates how building materials don’t just build a house – they help create a home.

When the day comes and you want to start building your precious tomorrow, you can always feel at home with us; the Midland Brick of today.

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