The Spanish Collection by Midland Brick

Posted on 14 Dec 2018

The quintessential red clay brick is a beloved part of everyday life here in Western Australia. Chances are that the house you live in, the hospital you were born in, and the school you were educated in were all (at least in part) made out of them. You know the ones:  warm and earthy in colour, maybe with some darker burnishing, and a porous, textured finish.

In 2018 though, there are so many more options available beyond those humble red bricks. For those who want to push the boundaries of design, there is Coda, the brick that plays with light and depth of field. For those who think bigger is better, a two-course option like Manor is the perfect fit. And now, for the globetrotter who lusts after Moroccan tiles for the bathroom and Turkish rugs for the living room, Spain’s finest clay bricks are now available at Midland Brick.

Our Spanish Collection comprises of the slimline Contempo (above, left) and the standard-sized Estilo (right and below left); two premium imported brick ranges manufactured in Madrid. Crafted from Spanish clays (which are finer and denser than Australian clays), these bricks boast a rich, intense colour and a durable, ultra-smooth finish. From a bright white to an intense metallic black, what sets Contempo and Estilo apart from other bricks of their hue is that these colours aren’t just an applied face; the colour goes the entire way through to the core of the brick, meaning signs of wear over the years are reduced.

Perfectly suited to internal or external feature walls and front or rear elevations alike, these monochromatic Spanish face bricks perfectly complement contemporary architectural trends and exude a high-end look with a minimal outlay.

Midland Brick’s Spanish bricks are available to purchase in-store or online now. To find out more, call 13 15 40 to speak to a Sales Advisor or download our Contempo or Estilo brochure for swatches.

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