Matt & Kim To The Rescue 7

Posted on 27 Feb 2017

Matt & Kim to the Rescue is back. In episode seven we saw Midland Brick get right behind Matt and Kim to transform Amber and Russel Bates modest beach shack into a home to be proud of. All in just four days!

How Midland Brick Supported Matt & Kim

The gorgeous selection of pavers, concrete block walls and retaining wall blocks you see both out the front and in the backyard were donated by Midland Brick.

The Stylestone Series Rockpave  pavers are smart and elegant. The Alpine Ash paved at the front of the house features a blend of creamy brown hues and the Onyx paved in the backyard features a blend of charcoal hues. This paving range created the perfect finishing touch to the Bates' home.

A wide range of Midland Brick concrete blocks  were used creatively for the outdoor entertaining area. Blocks are versatile products that are making a huge comeback to set an industrial tone to today's interior and landscape design.

The two-step structure you see in the outdoor play area is our Heathstone Retaining Wall System which can be utilised for a variety of uses. From low, vertical landscaping walls in garden and communal areas to constructing steps and planter boxes, Heathstone is a new edition to the Retaining Wall family at Midland Brick.

The Story

 Hosted by Nine News Perth's Emmy Kubainski and Michael Thomson, a community united as Matt and Kim teamed up with tradies, businesses and local heroes to deliver a full home makeover in just four days.

We met the inspirational Amber and Russel Bates, who despite their own hardships are always finding time to give back to their community. Of their four children, two have learning difficulties whilst the youngest was born extremely premature and as has ongoing medical complications. Russel also faced his own battle with cancer.

 It's a renovation which will dramatically change the lives of a family of six from Waikiki.

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