Women of Midland Brick Making a Difference

Posted on 28 Feb 2022

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The #breakthebias theme is a message that Midland Brick solidly endorses as we are committed to creating a workplace culture that is inclusive and we value a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, diverse talents, perspectives and points of view.

To celebrate the achievements of our female employees, we have curated a collection of inspiring stories, showcasing women who have risen to success in a male-dominated industry and those who have made a stand for gender equality.

While we’re only able to shine the light on a handful of individuals here, we acknowledge the effort of all women across our company, every day enabling day-to-day operations.


Natasha found her pathway to a trade.

I tried a range of different occupations until I landed a job at a 4wd store. This position exposed me to different trades, where I finally figured out that I wanted to pursue the career of an Electrician. Whilst still working casually in this position, I completed a Certificate II in Electrotechnology, allowing me to apply and find work here at Midland Brick as an Apprentice Electrician.

For the first three months of my electrical apprenticeship, I have been working in the masonry plant, helping with all maintenance work and complete various projects.

Into the future, I would like to advance my skills past that of an electrician and study the electrical engineer pathway. However, in the interim my focus is on completing this apprenticeship and mastering what I can in this field of work.

The biggest challenge I’ve had as a woman in this industry, was finding a company that was willing to give me a chance and take me on. As a male dominated industry, I always knew it was going to be a challenge, however after multiple rejections, I found myself questioning whether being a female I was going to ever play a part. After around ten months however, I managed to secure my placement with Midland Brick and am yet to face anymore challenges as a woman.

Christine gave up coffee to stick with bricks

I started with Midland Brick in Checkout Operator while my children were young.  After about 12 months, I moved into the yard department and began my career in the Ticket Box. I remained with Midland Brick until 2007.

In 2009 I got a call from the new 'up and coming' Brikmakers asking if I would like to come and help set up the new Ticket Box.  I came on board initially just to do that. After 12 years, I'm still here, my children are grown and I'm a grandmother to two beautiful grandsons aged 10 and 7.

As a woman, my biggest challenge came many years ago working in a male dominated environment (The Ticket Box). I was not accepted immediately, and some people actually felt that a woman did not belong in that role and were not shy about voicing that opinion.  Thank goodness times have changed! 

I love the comradery at Midland Brick! I'm still working with some of the same people I began with almost 27 years ago as well as meeting lots of wonderful new people along the way.

A lot of us have been recycled a few times in this industry and old faces just keep on popping up!


Caragh’s voice is always heard

I finished my degree just over a year ago and here I am now on my new journey with Midland Brick, and I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity.

I am the Environment and Planning Co-ordinator (Graduate) for Raw materials. My role is to oversee the environmental aspects of our clay quarries where we get our raw materials from to make bricks.

Mining is unfortunately still a very male dominated sector, however in recent years more and more females are being hired. It can be challenging being the new person in the room, let alone being the only woman in the room. I am always the youngest, the most inexperienced and the only woman (a lot of the time). It can be challenging in meetings to voice my opinion when everyone knows so much about what they are discussing. I overcome this by ensuring that my voice is always heard, I speak up I hope to one day be at the top of the environmental ladder, The Head/Chief Officer of Environmental Planning/Management for either Midland Brick or somewhere else.

I enjoy so much about Midland Brick. The entire brick making process fascinates me. One thing I have noticed is that Midland Brick is a very friendly place to work. The work environment itself is non-toxic and everyone greets everyone with a smile and a wave. I have honestly never enjoyed coming to work so much.

What floats Lisa’s boat

My role at Midland Brick is Production Scheduling.  What floats my boat is to be involved in the very important supply chain task of production scheduling, making sure consumer demand is met and what is produced meets customer expectations.  Identifying bottle necks, making improvements throughout the supply chain processes are tasks I find rewarding.

I enjoy the diversity of supply chain manufacturing and over my career have been involved in all aspects of it.  My strong professional ethic allows me to create lasting work relationships. To be honest I prefer larger corporate companies with many different employee personalities.

Last year I decided to leave my last role as Customer Service Manager, as rewarding and busy as it was, it was time for a change.  I took six months off work and travelled northern WA, this was the longest holiday I have ever had and the most enjoyable.

Being offered the role of Production Scheduler at Midland Brick at the end of last year has seen me move back into the supply chain arena and I’ve been very focused in my current tasks.  There is a lot more to learn about bricks than I first thought.  I enjoy meeting new people and learning the different roles within Midland Brick and look forward to a rewarding career with the company.


How Samara gained the respect of tradies

I started at Midland Brick in Jandakot in 2010 as a Sales Advisor and was quickly promoted to Branch Manager at the same branch. In 2018 I was also given the additional role of Export Co-ordinator.

In 2019 I relocated to Midland Brick Middle Swan and carried on my role as Export Co-ordinator. 

My biggest challenge as a woman in the industry has been gaining the respect of some tradies. I think for men, sometimes having a female telling you something you don't necessarily want to hear, doesn't go down too well. They would turn to the male in the branch and ask them the same question and get the same answer I gave them.  In saying that, I did gain their respect over time by explaining to them that I'm just doing my job and that I want to help them as much as I can. 

One day I’d like to become Export Manager and further my career within the company if the opportunity arises.




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