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Posted on 19 Jan 2015

At Midland Brick, we appreciate that renovating or building a new home is an exciting time. However, we also understand it can be a time with some challenges. For this reason Midland Brick offer a range of helpful services designed to make sure building projects run as smoothly and easily as possible.

Bricks & Pavers Sample Matching

Midland Brick understands and appreciates how important it is your new renovation blends seamlessly with the old. To assist in obtaining the closest possible match, Midland Brick has developed a sample matching service to take the guesswork out of identifying older style bricks and pavers.

Simply bring a few pieces of the bricks or pavers you'd like to match into one of our Midland Brick display centres around Perth for help identifying and matching your bricks or pavers. If that's not possible, take a good quality, well lit picture of the bricks or pavers you'd like to match and email it to us at Midland Brick.

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Midland Brick Renovators Range

Additionally, Midland Brick produce a popular range of older style Renovators clay bricks, designed to help renovators maintain the original character and look of their home or project.

If you are unable to see a match for your bricks or pavers on the Midland Brick website don't despair! From time to time, special production runs of older style bricks are made specifically for the renovation market, so ask whether the bricks you want to match are in stock.

In the unfortunate event that the bricks or pavers you're trying to match are not available, your Midland Brick Sales Advisor can suggest the closest match from our selection of current bricks or pavers, and can even give you a sample to take away and consider.

Midland Brick recommends renovators view and personally select bricks or pavers being matched. Please note that bricks or pavers are likely to vary from the originals, even though they may have the same name. Although Midland Brick makes every effort to supply consistent bricks and pavers, colour and size variation does occur naturally within a production run and with each production run of bricks and pavers.

Renovating, building an extension or re-landscaping can often be an expensive exercise, so it's important to get things right first time around so you're happy with the end result. And because bricks and pavers are often a fundamental component of these projects, Midland Brick is pleased to offer a sample matching service to make life that little bit easier.

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Estimations on Midland Brick product quantities

For an estimate on the quantity of Midland Brick bricks, blocks and pavers you may need for your owner/builder or renovation project, please talk to one of our team members who will be able to help you. Select from a wide range of colours, textures, sizes, strengths, clay or concrete masonry bricks, blocks and pavers.

For a free estimate on paver quantities (m2) needed for a new outdoor area in your home use the Paving Calculator. Select from a wide range of formats, colours and textures.

Pallet Pick up Service

Organise a Midland Brick Pallet Collection from your Property.

Have you finished your building, paving or renovation job?
Do you have an empty Midland Brick pallet that you want removed from your site?
Help us to recycle our Midland Brick pallets by organising a collection from your location by one of our drivers.

Please fill out the form below, and note:
- Pallets are to be stacked neatly at the front of the property.
- Pallets will be collected within 10 working days.
- Pallets can be arranged to be collected for an $10 per pallet charge.
- A refund of the cost of the pallet is available on return if pallet is in original condition and pick up is within 6 months of purchase.
- You can drop your empty pallets back to one of our yards to redeem your refund without the collection charge.
- Please call 13 15 40 for more information.

Our collectors can only collect Midland Brick and Boral pallets.

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