Bethanie Aged Care Facility

Posted on 07 Jul 2015

The Bethanie Esprit Clubhouse is in the Shire of Dardanup which is essentially a country shire with a blend of urban and countryside living. When looking at the design of the Clubhouse, The Bethanie group wanted to create a building that had all the latest contemporary features of a modern upmarket luxury Clubhouse while at the same time including the materials and fabric that reflected the rural countryside.

The resulting external products used were a combination of stone cladding and colours in the feature brickwork that would evoke and bring out the colours of the countryside. Midland Brick collaborated with the Bethanie Group to produce a brick called the 'Caraway' which has a warm chocolate colour and mild tone variations. The earthy coloured brick that was derived was a great material to reflect a more modern design approach - away from the traditional red and cream brickwork used extensively in the last two decades.

Clay Brick was used because it was the best material to evoke the natural colours of the surrounding landscapes and countryside, which is intrinsically due to it being made from the same raw materials in the Western Australian landscape. Just as important was the inclusion of the cladding, which is an extremely durable, long term, maintenance free material. The Bethanie group is very focused on sustainability and thus the selections of materials that require little maintenance and have a long life cycle are paramount. In this case it was a joy to see a finished product which maintained a modern design working well with it's country surroundings while also standing up to the sustainability credentials that the Bethanie Group pride's itself on.

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