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How To Pick Your Brick

Posted on 17 Jul 2018

You know that feeling when you need to paint something a certain colour, but you arrive at your local paint store and they ask you which of the many shades or tones of that colour would you like?  Well, it could be the same scenario when it comes to bricks – but at Midland Brick, we take pride in being able to provide the most up-to-date brick recommendations possible.

So how do you know how to pick the brick that’s right for you?

Know the style of house you want

If you’re after a heritage-style house, a red brick would be very well suited to that design. Our Handmade bricks are perfect for those more rustic styles, while our Contempo and Estilo imported bricks are a great fit for more contemporary builds.

Know what style of bond you’d like

“Bond” or “joint” simply refers to the mortar surrounding the bricks, which helps bond them together. Bonding options include half-bond (where the bricks on the second course are laid halfway between two bricks on the first course), third bond (where the bricks on the second course are laid a third of the way between two bricks on the first course) and stacked bond (where bricks are stacked directly on top of one another). The brick bonding pattern you choose has the ability to greatly influence the finished look of your brickwork.

Know what height of brick you’d prefer

Brick height is another factor that can greatly influence your home’s final look. Options such as two course (or double-height) bricks and slimline bricks are becoming much more prevalent in builds today, but there’s something timeless about the standard single-course brick that will always ensure its popularity.


Story and footage courtesy of Channel 7 and Home in WA. 

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