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Posted on 23 Jul 2019

Western Australians are famously bad at dealing with winter. We’re so used to glorious sunshine and warm, bright days that as soon as the mercury drops below 20 degrees people tend not to venture outdoors.

Here at Midland Brick, we think that’s a bit of a shame. With a bit of planning, cold weather doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your home’s outdoor spaces.

With the addition of a fire pit, you can transform your alfresco area from cold and uninviting to a warm and cosy winter wonderland. What could be better than sitting around a crackling fire sipping on a lovely mug of mulled wine and toasting a few marshmallows with your friends and family?

That being said, there’s a lot more to building a great fire pit that just slapping some bricks in a circle and getting some firewood. Beyond the obvious safety considerations (and some not-so-obvious ones, like only using solid bricks, not cored) a great fire pit should look amazing and enhance the feel of your outdoor area.

Bricks, Cultured Stone® and pavers are ideal materials for fire pit construction, so no matter what look you’re going for, chances are we have what you need to make it happen. If you’re considering upgrading your alfresco area with a fab fire pit check out the rest of this blog for some style inspiration and practical advice on what to consider before you start.


Back Yard Brilliance

Mondo Exclusive Homes built this fantastic red brick fire pit at the home of Hatch Interiors owner Adriana Peci (you can read our full interview with her here), and we have to say that we think they did a pretty fantastic job.

The Subiaco Red Coach brick  adds a rustic warmth that perfectly complements the greens and greys of the rest of the yard. Being a skilled interior designer, Adriana was able to complement the setting with some expertly styled outdoor furniture and cushions.

Midland Brick products you can use to recreate this effect:

Subiaco Red Coached solid brick




Cosy Coastal Splendour

Who said fire and water don’t mix? We love the way that the muted tones of this sensational stone fire pit match the timber decking and the nearby waves. If you’re lucky enough to own a property with an ocean view as amazing as this, we can think of few better places to watch a winter sunset.

Midland Brick products you can use to recreate this effect:

Country Ledgestone Cultured Stone in Echo Ridge (as an external cladding over our solid utility bricks)

Country Ledgestone Cultured Stone in Wolf Creek (as an external cladding over our solid utility bricks)





Earthy, Rustic Charm

Bricks, pavers and cultured stone aren’t just good for fire pits. Put your mind to it and you can create an entire winter outdoor setting.

This great example of rustic charm makes great use of earthy tones to deliver a primitive-yet-stunning effect. It also showcases the highly creative use of simple materials.

Midland Brick products you can use to recreate this effect:

Midland Brick solid bricks in Salmon Gum

Midland Brick solid bricks in Tuscan




Manicured Magnificence

This is another great example of a sensational landscape design that utilises a range of bricks, pavers and cultured stone to create a cohesive outdoor fire pit setting.

We especially love the way that the grey tones contrast with the vibrant green of the immaculately landscaped garden.

Midland Brick products you can use to recreate this effect:

Midland Brick Promenade pavers in Steel Grey Blend

Midland Brick solid concrete blocks in Grey




Creative Brickwork

As much as we love the previous examples of elaborate outdoor settings, not every fire pit requires a large space and lots of effort.

As this brilliant brick example demonstrates, all you really need is a little bit of space and a pinch of ingenuity to create something truly special.

Midland Brick products you can use to recreate this effect:

Midland Brick solid bricks in Grey Pearl






Tips For Building Your Fire Pit

Before you start planning your fire pit, there is a range of things to take into consideration to ensure that it’s safe and looks fantastic.

Be Fire Safe

Western Australia is very bushfire prone, so we very strongly recommend you make sure to check with your local council to see if there are any regulations or building codes in relation to fire pits and open flames in your area. Also, make sure that you never light a fire in your fire pit during total fire bans or during high fire danger periods.

Location, Location, Location

When choosing the location for your fire pit, make sure you consider its proximity to your neighbours and any outdoor structures and overhanging vegetation. There may even be council regulations that govern this - we always recommend checking with your local council before commencing works, as some have very prescriptive guidelines for fire pit placement.

Choose Your Materials Wisely

Make sure the materials - be they brick, stone or pavers - that you use are appropriate as the wrong type of material can crack or even explode when exposed to intense heat. If you choose not to use a steel bowl, make sure you either use a steel fire ring or line the inside of the pit with fireproof, solid bricks.

Optimise The Size

The ideal size for a fire pit is around 90cm to 120cm across and 30cm from the ground – but make sure you check your local government regulations regarding sizing constraints. This will allow for a large enough fire while still enabling people to talk with one another across the flames. It’s about bringing people together, not creating a towering bonfire!

Complete The Ambiance

If you’ve gone to all the trouble of building a fire pit, you might as well add a few finishing touches to really bring the space together. Comfortable seating, subtle lighting and weatherproof speakers are all great ways of making your new winter alfresco entertaining area a truly enjoyable space in which to spend time.

Think Before You Light

It’s also worth noting that due consideration should be given to both the type of wood you choose to burn, and its propensity for creating smoke. Green wood or treated pine should never be burned, due to the amount of smoke they create and the chemicals in the treated timber that are released during burning.

Been inspired to revolutionise your winter lifestyle with a fantastic outdoor fire pit? Click here to browse our range of products online, or get in touch for some advice on how to achieve the look and functionality that you’re aiming for.

First image by Gathering Light Photography. Last four images via Pinterest.

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