5 Fireplaces You’ll Want To Curl Up In Front Of

Posted on 25 Jun 2019

Winter has arrived! While Western Australia doesn’t have particularly harsh winters compared to other places in the world, it can still get pretty chilly around this time of year.

Add into the equation the fact that most households don’t have double glazed windows to keep in the heat (and are can be quite poorly insulated), and a lovely fireplace to warm yourself by becomes a very attractive proposition indeed. Is there anything better than curling up beside the fire on a cold and rainy winter afternoon with a good book and a hot chocolate or nice glass of red wine?

If you like the sound of that as much as we do, then you might want to consider incorporating a fireplace into your next new home build or renovation project. When done properly they can provide a fantastic focal point for your living room that will provide you endless warmth and enjoyment.

We’ve put together this collection of fireplaces you’ll want to curl up in front of to help provide some inspiration for you. We’ve also included links to our building materials that you can use to recreate these effects yourself.


Nordic Charm

Fans of Scandanavian inspired design will adore the minimalism-meets-cosy-cabin feel of this stunning fireplace.

By juxtaposing some rustic cultured stone with the smooth white surfaces, polished hardwood floor and sleek modern furniture, it manages to look stylish and sophisticated while still being warm and inviting.

We also love how the greenery and (faux!) hunting trophy add that extra little touch of “alpine ski lodge” feel.

Midland Brick products you can use to recreate this effect:
Southern Ledgestone Cultured Stone in Echo Ridge.




Rustic Vintage Appeal 

There’s a lot to like about this fireplace’s vintage appeal. The German smear technique on the brickwork and aged railway sleeper they’ve used as a mantlepiece simple ooze rustic charm, while the elegant mirror, well-chosen plants, cushions and throw rug help to add a contemporary element.

The brickwork ledge is also a nice touch. Not only does it help to define the space, but it also gives you (or your pets) another place to perch and soak up the hypnotic glow of the fire.

Midland Brick products you can use to recreate this effect:
Midland Brick standard bricks in Subiaco Red Coach or Traditional Coach.



Fantastic Feature Wall

Sometimes it pays to think big when it comes to your fireplace, especially if you have a large space to work with.

We love how this fantastic cultured stone fireplace extends up into an entire feature wall. It perfectly suits the open and airy space full of gorgeous natural light.

The stylish lounge chairs, the single splash of colour provided by the plant on the mantlepiece and the chandelier overhead set it all off perfectly. Hand us a glass of Margaret River Shiraz and leave us be - we could be there for some time!

Midland Brick products you can use to recreate this effect:
Country Ledgestone Cultured Stone in White Oak or Pro-Fit Ledgestone Cultured Stone in Southwest Blend.



Eclectic Modernism 

Think accessorising is only for when you’re getting dressed up for a special occasion? Think again! This plain white brick fireplace with a stone ledge provides the perfect foundation for this riot of eclectic modern decor.

There’s a lot going on - a wooden mantle, pot plants, pictures, macrame, a golden hand statue, brassware, cushions - but they’ve somehow managed to balance it all perfectly to achieve a fun, fresh and funky effect.

Midland Brick products you can use to recreate this effect:
Estilo brick in Blanco or Pearl brick in Ivory.




 Elegant Minimalism

This fireplace couldn’t be more different from the last one, but we like it just as much. Simple brickwork has been painted grey and has been complemented by just the right amount of eye-catching detail.

A dark wooden mantle, simple artwork, brass candlesticks, pale green plants and a wickerwork basket - it’s elegant minimalist design personified. We’d quite happily take one of those blankets, curl up and enjoy this serene environment for hours on end.

Midland Brick products you can use to recreate this effect:
Pearl brick in Ivory, or any paint-grade brick painted white.




A great fireplace can be so much more than just a way to heat your home. When given the right amount of care and attention, it can be an amazing addition to your interior space. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can supply you with the materials you need to build a truly fantastic fireplace.

All images via Pinterest.

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