International Women's Day 2023: The women breaking down barriers in a male-dominated industry

Posted on 08 Mar 2023

This International Women’s Day’s theme is #EmbraceEquity, which is something we at Midland Brick strive to achieve within our workplace culture, values and opportunities. 

Embracing equity for us means that all of our staff are given the support they individually need to have the same opportunities as any other employee. We ensure that no one misses out because their circumstances are different from another employee’s. 

To celebrate the work of some of our staff at Midland Brick, we’d like to introduce a few women who are all embracing the challenges of working in a male-dominated industry and making their mark.


Courtney’s leap of faith into a brand new industryIWD-2023-Blog-Courtney.jpg

After finding herself out of work during COVID lockdowns, Courtney found the motivation she needed to take a leap of faith and apply for an apprenticeship at Midland Brick, something she had no experience or knowledge about. 

Courtney worked as an Operator before commencing her Electrical Apprenticeship this year and has enjoyed learning from her co-workers, developing her skills, and of course, taking part in classic bouts of banter with her work mates. 

In a male-dominated industry, Courtney wants to prove she’s equally capable of getting her hands dirty and making the most of any opportunities available to her. 

Courtney is enjoying her role so far and wants to pursue a future in the electrical industry! 



Amelia’s commitment to her role has her family tired of hearing about bricksIWD-2023-Blog-Amelia-(1).jpg

Technical Manager Amelia has been at Midland Brick since 2014 and loves her role working across the clay kilns as well as assisting with masonry, roof tiles and blokstone. Her favourite thing about her job is the people she works with everyday. She also really likes bricks, even talking about them so much at home that her husband and family are sick of hearing about them! That’s commitment.

Amelia’s long-term goal is to continue learning and getting better, while growing her team and expanding her influence to other areas of the business.


Sharon’s a driving force 

Sharon is a part of our logistics division (BGC Transport), working as a truck driver delivering bricks and pavers to Bunnings stores across the Perth and Mandurah region. 

After returning to the workforce once her kids were grown, Sharon wanted a role where she wasn’t working in an office. She likes driving, so this role was a great opportunity for her to do something she enjoys. 

Sharon enjoys the flexibility and supportive environment BGC Transport and Midland Brick provides, and hopes she can further develop her skills by gaining a higher truck driving licence


Andrea started as a casual and worked up to a management role

Andrea has been an employee with Midland Brick for the last 4.5 years, starting in a casual role and working her way into her current role as the Call Centre and Online Branch Manager at Middle Swan where she manages a team of five. 

The biggest challenge Andrea has faced in her role is being the only woman amongst the five Branch Managers, and often having different opinions and views than her co-workers. Despite this, they all work well together to reach a desirable outcome for everyone involved.

Andrea has future ambitions to move up towards a General Manager or CEO role of a company.

At Midland Brick not only do we have these four exceptional women all striving to break down barriers in their respective roles, we have many women in different departments all contributing to pave the way for more women to enter our industry. 


If you’re a woman thinking a career at Midland Brick would be something you’d enjoy, take that leap of faith and apply. 

Find out more about our career opportunities.


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