5 Ways To Add Kerb Appeal and Value

Posted on 10 May 2017

Polished and modern landscaping can be a crucial element in attracting homebuyers. To keep an update on budget, consider doing it yourself. A creative mix of landscaping materials will add interest and texture to your outdoor spaces.

1. Have the edge

Aside from new mulch and a good garden tidy, consider edging your garden and driveway with new pavers to give it good visual structure. This is a simple and cost-effective way to lift the street presence of your home, while catching the eye of potential buyers.

Tip: Try using solid bricks or our easy-to-install DIY retaining walls - Gardenwall.

2. Paving Makeover

Jazz up tired paving by giving it a good power clean, or if you have double-sided brick pavers, simply turn them over. Or, consider re-paving using bargain priced non-standard pavers. These affordable pavers are a great way to create new paths or give a facelift to established areas, and best of all, will positively impact on the looks and value of your home when it comes time to selling. 

3. Get Cultured

 Add interest and texture to plain front walls by cladding sections with Cultured Stone. This material is a great way to add a feature, break up boring entries or hide any imperfections and can also be used to makeover tired letterboxes.

 Tip: Try creating a backyard retreat with some stylish and comfortable seating to take some time out from the hustle and bustle of every day life. 

4. Flower Fancy

Mask dull garden areas or dead lawn with a raised flower bed to add colour and style to otherwise difficult-to-grow areas. Simply invest in an easy-to-install Gardenwall retaining wall system and plant out with flowers and foliage sure to attract passers-by. Alternatively, pave a small area by the entry and dress it with colourful pots and pretty plants - a sure-fire way to boost your home's wow factor.

5. Jazz up your roofing 

Your roof covers the largest surface area of your home. Lacklustre and damaged roof tiles can be a real turn off for potential buyers so it may be time to consider investing in cleaning those old tiles or buying some new tiles. This will not only give the home a fresh look but will also add plenty of value come sale time.


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